Diploma Ceremony for the Second Class of Scholarship Recipients

On Wednesday, March 13, 2024, the Fundación Privada José Luis Massó held a diploma ceremony for the second class of scholarship recipients. The purpose of this event was to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of this second class and to bring together the scholarship recipients and various collaborators.

The ceremony was held at the facilities of Ferrer & Ojeda, a collaborating company of the Foundation, and was attended by scholarship recipients and their families and friends, representatives from different universities and collaborating entities, and the Foundation’s patrons.

During the ceremony, the Foundation’s commitment to the insertion of young people into the labor market, particularly those with limited resources and/or disabilities, was emphasized. The importance of education in social and economic development and the value of collaboration between universities and businesses were also highlighted.

In his speech, the President of the Foundation, Isidro Massó, thanked the scholarship recipients for their dedication and encouraged them to continue striving to achieve their goals and contribute to society’s progress.

The scholarship recipients expressed their gratitude for the opportunity provided by the Foundation and pledged to continue their education and become committed and responsible professionals.

The ceremony concluded with the presentation of diplomas and a speech by Esther Giménez-Salinas, the Sindica de Greuges de Catalunya, who encouraged the students to continue fighting for their future, stating: “in you lies the key to change and progress in our society”.

Finally, a small reception was held to celebrate the success of the second class of scholarship recipients from the Fundación Privada José Luis Massó, which is consolidated in the field of education in Catalonia and for the professional future of young people.

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