At the Foundation we believe in young people, in their effort, ability to improve and grow. We are aware that they will be the ones who will build the future. We firmly believe that providing equal possibilities for higher education, enabling training continuity, and preventing financial resources from impeding their entry to the labor market would ensure a brighter tomorrow than the one we currently have.

Scholarship Calls

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Two scholarships to pursue a diploma as an expert in Forest and Health organized and taught by the University of Girona Foundation: Innovation and Training

7 de November de 2023
  CLOSED   CONVOCATORIA para el curso académico 2023/2024: La Fundación Privada José Luis Massó convoca para el curso académico 2023/2024 ...Read more

5 Scholarships to study any of the master’s programs taught by the UPC

6 de October de 2023
  CLOSED   CONVOCATORIA para el curso académico 2023/2024: Cinco becas para cursar alguno de los programas de máster impartidos por ...Read more


27 de June de 2023
  CLOSED   Convocatoria de ayudas de la Cátedra UB – Fundación Privada José Luis Massó para la matrícula en ...Read more

Master in Tax Consulting and Master’s Degree in Sustainability Management

24 de May de 2023
  CLOSED   Para el curso académico 2023/2024, se convocan dos becas para cursar el título propio de Máster de Asesoría ...Read more


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